4 Steps to Bulk Scheduling ReTweets with HootBulk App

With the HootBulk App you can easily schedule multiple retweets, spreading them from 7 to 31 days using the “Send in Bulk” stream or at specific days and times using the “Time Sensitive” stream. Follow the steps below:


If you haven’t installed the HootBulk App go to click here to get 2 Days Free Trail. After installing it add the stream called “HootBulk – Time Sensitive”. You can also use the “Send in Bulk” stream, but you will need to write more messages.


Now add a new stream that contains messages posted by the people you follow. I will add a Twitter list I created called “hootsuite-accounts”.

After you added the stream put it at the right (or left) side of the HootBulk App “Time Sensitive” Stream (like the picture below).


In the HootBulk “Time Sensitive” stream select the number of message you want to bulk schedule. For this example I’m going to select 2 messages.

Now that the app generated the correct compose message boxes is time to put some good quality content into it, which can be found in the Twitter list just beside the app stream. Browse through the tweets in the list and identify one that you would like to send. I like a tweet posted by HootSuite which is targeted to nonprofits organizations.


Now is time to add that message into the HootBulk App compose message box. There are two ways of doing this:

(1) Copy the desired tweet by selecting all the text in the list stream and paste it into the compose message box in the HootBulk App stream.


(2) In the tweet click the Retweet button > Edit > Select and Copy the editable RT from the HootSuite compose message box. After copying paste it to the HootBulk App compose message box.


The second alternative generates the old style Twitter retweet for you. If you use the first alternative you will need to write “RT @username” manually instead of copy-pasting automatically.

That’s how you bulk schedule retweets with the HootBulk App! Just keep doing step 4 with different tweets until you fill all compose message boxes in the HootBulk App stream. After having all messages ready select the days and times you want to send the retweet, download csv and upload to HootSuite.