HootBulk is everything you will ever need to bulk schedule messages in your HootSuite dashboard

HootSuite App

A fast, easy to use and error free bulk scheduling tool in a Hootsuite dashboard stream. HootBulk let’s you bulk schedule up to 31 days in advance with a maximum of 11 messages per day in a simple to use app. HootBulk also includes one of the most requested features in Hootsuite, an option to schedule group of messages at the times and days you specify. All this powerful, time saving and easy to use features within your own Hootsuite dashboard for just $4.99 per month.

*** IMPORTANT: Please note that you must have a Hootsuite Pro or Hootsuite Enterprise account to use this app.***

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If you don’t have a HootSuite account and would like help setting one please read the section “Helping you with HootSuite” below.

Excel Templates

Two easy to use Excel templates to create custom csv documents. These templates also include a powerful database feature for archiving large number of messages and to randomly schedule them with HootSuite Bulk Scheduler.

HootBulk was created by HootSuite Certified Professionals and HootSuite Solution Partners.

HootSuite Certified Professional

Helping you with HootSuite

As HootSuite Solution Partners we can quickly and effectively help you setup your own HootSuite Pro account. As part of our Pro launch services we offer:

  • Dashboard setup: Tabs & streams for up to 5 social networks and 2 apps (including HootBulk App)
  • Help you built analytic reports
  • Training on the HootSuite platform via Google hangout
  • Social media management best practices
  • Support via a ticketing system for your HootSuite dashboard questions.
  • Available in English and Spanish